The statement necklace is a well-known style, but earrings can be just as striking. If worn right, earrings can enhance your face. Bold colors, bold designs and custom-crafted dangling pieces can all draw attention to your face. Bold earrings can be used to dress up an outfit for a date, to draw attention to you during work meetings, or to give your confidence in front of the PTA members at the next meeting. It is best to only wear statement earrings. Because the earring is so close, it’s important to keep your makeup minimal.

While many people sell their jewelry at craft fairs and markets, there are several factors to consider when making it a business. Some supplies are essential and there can be luxury fashion rings intense competition. It can be hard to stand out among many jewelry businesses. But, there are options available such as online and store-front sales.

You can increase your profits on jewelry sales by purchasing wholesale beading supply. There are many places to buy bulk beading supplies. You should order more than you think you will need to avoid mistakes and inspire new ideas. The pattern or directions will often include the bead count to help you determine how much beading is required for your project. Even though you don’t have to create new pieces when starting a jewelry company (most jewelers use a book of patterns), it is possible to make unique designs that will set your business apart. You can order unique beads and other elements that aren’t available at regular jewelry shops to make each piece stand out.

Wire, pliers and shears are also essential tools in a jewelry-making business. You will also need additional jewelry tools such as hook-and eye pins, clasps, hooks and eyes, and posts, chains, extenders, as well as loops with backs, clasps, hooks, and toggle pins. These items can be purchased online from various retailers, or at specialty jewel supply shops. Unless there’s a sale, hobby stores tend to be the most expensive places to shop for jewelry supplies.

Home Jewelry Business Success Tips states that a business plan can increase your success. It will help you to organize, analyze and determine your goals and how you will achieve them. You are encouraged to create a plan of action to make your jewelry business dreams come true. There are many people who want to sell their creations online, so having a written plan is a must.

Incorporate goals with time-frame specific entities. These could include how much inventory you want to build up and projected sales numbers. In your plan, include a section that describes how your jewelry will differ than the mass-produced jewelry. You might include things like quality customer service, unique jewelry designs, innovative selling techniques, or high-quality customer care.

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